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Vision Zero – Beyond the Factory Gate!

Session Vision Zero - Prevention without borders for a better future!

Take the opportunity to benefit from the results of international cooperation and the pooling of knowledge internationally. The first of the A+A International VISION ZERO days, led by the ISSA Special Commission on Prevention, will examine insights into new strategic concepts for improving safety, health and well-being at work. Practical tools developed by the Special Commission on Prevention and its unique global network of 14 international prevention sections will be presented. These tools can be used in companies and institutions of any size, and provide support in attaining the VISION ZERO.

A number of parties will report on successful implementation of the VISION ZERO approach developed by the Special Commission on Prevention. Presentations will provide insights into the VISION ZERO toolbox, the existing 7 Golden Rules of VISION ZERO, and the new 14 proactive leading indicators. The leading indicators serve as a proactive means of measuring, managing and benchmarking your company's current progress in the area of prevention.

Further questions will be discussed: Is VISION ZERO limited to conventional preventive activity at the workplace, or can the approach also be used to address other challenges, such as the battle against the coronavirus pandemic, protection of the environment, or the sustainability of investments? How can responsibility be assumed for safety, health and well-being in global supply chains? What are the future development steps of the VISION ZERO strategy?

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Session 4 Vision Zero – Beyond the Factory Gate!
Amra Causevic | Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA) | Austria

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VISION ZERO on the Road

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"Psychologische Aspekte von COVID-19": Verhalten im Spannungsfeld

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Vision Zero…a Light of Hope to Support the Way out of the Pandemic

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Sustainable Investments: A Key Driver Towards Vision Zero Culture
Jillian Hamilton | Manage Damage | Germany

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Amra Causevic | Allgemeine Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA) | Germany